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Black Bean Powder/Organic Roasted Black Bean Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder Wholesale

Baking Black Bean Powder
1.Maximum keep the black bean original taste
2.Use microwave puffing technology,ensure the products nutrition not easy to loss
3.100% pure natural powder
4.It is can be replace the staple food

Product Details

Black Bean Powder/Organic Roasted Black Bean Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder Wholesale 

Our company production of baking black soybean powder by the high quality of ripe black beans as raw material, grinding production. The maximum keep the original black

beans smell.


Baked Black Beans Powder

[Product Origin]:Ripe Black Bean

[Component]: Black Bean

[Color ]: Off-white Powder

[Purity]: 100%  

[Applying]:Food,Beverage, Five cereals meal replacement powder 

[Application dosage form]:Granule, Powder.

Appearance:Fine powder, no caking, no impurities。 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell: Natural cooked black bean flavor

1. Baked stage,According to different products, adjust suitable temperature for baking.

2. Instant cooked stage,the main products use microwave puffing technology,ensure the products nutrition not easy to loss.

3. Fine grinding stage,Also according to the different material properties,processing to a different mesh (the fineness of powder),not mesh is bigger, the better. Excessive processing will destroy crude fiber, resulting in loss of nutrition.

1. Black beans for young women and beauty to raise colour effect. Black beans are rich in vitamin, the highest content of E and B vitamins, vitamin E content is higher than the meat of 5 ~ 7 times as much as is known to all, vitamin E is a quite important to keep strong and handsome youth.

2. The black skin is black, contain anthocyanins, anthocyanins are good source of antioxidants, can eliminate free radicals, especially in the acidic conditions of the stomach, antioxidant effect is good, can raise colour beauty, increase the gastrointestinal peristalsis.

3. Black bean contains rich vitamin E, VE also is a kind of antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals, reduce wrinkles, skin to dispel spot also to have certain effect, stay strong and handsome youth. Crude fiber content in black is as high as 4%, often eat black beans can provide the crude fiber in food, promote digestion, prevent constipation.

4. "black beans is the valley of the kidney" black water, the water goes kidney, so the kidney can eat black beans (in addition to the heat, the lower gas, detoxification diuresis, can effectively alleviate urinary frequency, lumbar acid, women leucorrhea abnormality and lower abdominal cold symptoms.

5. The effect of black beans for health, though there are so many, but not suitable for raw, can appear especially the person with bad intestines and stomach bilge gas, but after heating, part of the nutrients will be pyrolysis. Eat suggest black beans do soya-bean milk, can complement the trace elements in the body.


Medicine&Health Products,Health and nutrition Products,infant food,solid beverage,

dairy products,instant products,puffed food, spices,Middle-aged and old food, baking food,Leisure food, cold food & cold drinks, etc.  

[Storage]:Placed in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature place.

[Packing]:Negotiation or packed in double plastic bags inside ,paper drum outside,             25kg/drum.

[Shelf Life]:24 months.


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Please rest assured to wholesale the healthy non-gmo organic black bean baking powder meal replacements for sale online. We are known as one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers. Offering good online service with competitive price, welcome to buy the quality bulk plant extract in stock from our factory.

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