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Goji Berry Powder/Organic Wolfbery Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder Online

Baking Goji Powder
1.Maximum keep the goji original taste
2.Use microwave puffing technology,ensure the products nutrition not easy to loss
3.100% pure natural powder
4.It is can be replace the staple food

Product Details

Goji Berry Powder/Organic Wolfbery Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder Online

Our company produces the baking Goji powder with high quality cooked wolfberry as rawmaterial, grinding production. The maximum keep the original wolfberry itself.

Baked Goji Powder

[Active Ingredients]:GoJi

[Color]:Light Orange Powder


[Applying]:Food,Beverage, Five cereals meal replacement powder 

[Application dosage form]:Granule, Powder.


Appearance:Fine powder, no caking, no impurities。 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell: Natural ripe Goji flavor

1.Baked stage,According to different products, adjust suitable temperature for baking.

2.Instant cooked stage,the main products use microwave puffing technology,ensure the products nutrition not easy to loss.

3.Fine grinding stage,Also according to the different material properties,processing to a different mesh (the fineness of powder),not mesh is bigger, the better. Excessive processing will destroy crude fiber, resulting in loss of nutrition.

1.Goji berries are rich in Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide, beta carotene, vitamin E,

 selenium and flavonoids antioxidants, such as good antioxidant effect. Medlar peroxide isagainst free radicals, reduce free radical damage, peroxide to help slow the aging,

 prolong life.
2.Chinese wolfberry, sexual flavour GanPing, TCM believes that, it can nourish liver

and kidney, benefit shrewd eyes and nourishing blood, enhance the immune power of

the people. The most practical efficacy for modern people, Chinese wolfberry is fatigue

resistance and lower blood pressure. In addition, Chinese wolfberry can protect liver,

fall blood sugar, soften blood vessels, reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, have certain curative effect in patients with fatty liver disease and diabetes. According to theclinical verification, Chinese wolfberry can treat chronic renal failure.

3. Chinese wolfberry polysaccharides on experimental liver injury has a protective effect,11599868_172604618112_2.jpg

can reduceserum Alt, promote the restoration of liver injury. De-shan wang for Chinese wolfberry fight experimental hyperlipidemia hepatic fat concentration-response relationshipand toxicity studies, the experimental results show that the medlar can inhibit fat

deposition in liver cells, and promote new liver cells.

4.often can eat Chinese wolfberry beauty, which is a lot of people don't know. This is because, medlar can improve skin's ability to absorb oxygen, on the other hand, can the whitening effect.

5.The Chinese academy of medical sciences research proves, medlar can improve human immunity, anti-tumor therapy can relieve the side effects of cyclophosphamide, promote hemopoietic function recovery, elevated white blood cell count of peripheral blood,

have protective effects on the body.

Medicine&Health Products,Health and nutrition Products,infant food,solid beverage,dairy products,instant products,puffed food, spices,Middle-aged and old food, baking food,Leisure food, cold food & cold drinks, etc.  

[Storage]:Placed in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature place.

[Packing]:  Packed in double plastic bags inside ,paper drum outside,2kg/drum.

[Shelf Life]:24 months.


factory1.jpgPackaging and Shipping1.jpg


Please rest assured to wholesale the healthy non-gmo organic goji baking powder/meal replacement powder for sale online. We are known as one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers. Offering good online service with competitive price, welcome to buy the quality bulk plant extract in stock from our factory.

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