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Oat Powder/Organic Avena Sativa Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder

Baking Oats Powder
1.Maximum keep the oats original taste
2.Use microwave puffing technology,ensure the products nutrition not easy to loss
3.100% pure natural powder
4.It is can be replace the staple food

Product Details

Oat Powder/Organic Avena Sativa Baking Powder/Meal Replacement Powder Suppliers

Our company produces the baking oats powder with high quality cooked oats as raw

material, grinding production. The maximum keep the oats original smell.

燕麦1000 .jpg

Low temperature oats  powder, cooked oats  powder

[Other name]: Cold Baked oats powder

[Origin]: cooked oats

[Main component]: oats

[Color]:light yellow powder

[Purity]: 100%  

[Clinical Application]:food,beverage,five cereals meal replacement powders.

[Dosage Form]:Electuary ,Powder

Appearance:Fine powder, no caking, no impurities。 

Color:Has the product intrinsic color and luster, and uniform.

Smell: Natural oats flavor

1.baked stage,According to different products, adjust suitable temperature for baking.

2.Instant cooked stage,the main products use microwave puffing technology,ensure the

products nutrition not easy to loss.

3.Fine grinding stage,Also according to the different material properties,processing to

a different mesh (the fineness of powder),not mesh is bigger, the better. Excessive processing will destroy crude fiber, resulting in loss of nutrition.


1.Oat can effectively reduce the cholesterol in the body, eat frequently, can be the main threat to the elderly, cardio-cerebrovascular disease play a preventive role.

2.Often eat oats in patients with diabetes also have very good hypoglycemic effect

3.Oatmeal has the effect that will loosen your stools, many older people defecate dry, easy to cause cerebrovascular accident, oats to solve constipation

4.It can also improve blood circulation, relieve the pressure of work. Contains calcium,

phosphorus, iron, zinc and other minerals can prevent osteoporosis, promoting wound healing,

prevent the effect of anemia, is filling calcium

5.Oats contains extremely rich in linoleic acid, the fatty liver disease, diabetes, edema,

constipation and so on also has the auxiliary curative effect, for the elderly to enhance

strength, prolong life is also helpful.


Medicine&Health Products,Health and nutrition Products,infant food,solid beverage,

dairy products,instant products,puffed food, spices,Middle-aged and old food, baking

food,Leisure food, cold food & cold drinks, etc.  

[Storage]:Placed in a cool, dry, avoid light, avoid high temperature place.

[Packing]:Packed in double plastic bags inside ,paper drum outside,25kg/drum.

[Shelf Life]:24 Months.



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Please rest assured to wholesale the healthy non-gmo organic oat baking powder/meal replacement powder for sale online. We are known as one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers. Offering good online service with competitive price, welcome to buy the quality bulk plant extract in stock from our factory.

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