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Red Bell Pepper/Buy Organic Red Dried Sweet Pepper Concentrate Instant Powder Online

Red Bell Pepper/Buy Organic Red Dried Sweet Pepper Concentrate Instant Powder Online

Red Bell Pepper Powder
1.High quality raw material of red bell pepper
2.High temperature extraction,Low temperature Grinding
3.100% water soluble ,mellow taste
4.Maximize retention of red bell pepper nutrients

Product Details

Red Bell Pepper/Buy Organic Red Dried Sweet Pepper Concentrate Instant

Powder Online

Red pepper powder factory

This company produces the red bell pepper powder with high quality of  red bell pepper as a raw material, processing to adopt advanced technology of spray drying .Uttermost keep the original taste of  red bell pepper. It contains a variety of vitamins and acid . Powder appearance, good fluidity , taste good , easy to dissolve , easy to save .

Red Bell Pepper Powder_红甜椒_副本.jpg

Red Bell Pepper Concentrate Instant Powder

[Latin Name]: Capsicum annuum var. grossum


[Active Ingredient]: Red Bell Pepper 

[Specification]:10:1 20:1 30:1

[Appearance]: Orange Powder

 Red pepper powder   

Red Pepper Powder Main Function:       

1. Help to improve immunity, lower blood pressure

2. Red sweet pepper have rich vitamin A, vitamin C

3. It helps antioxidant

Organic korean red pepper powder

[Red Pepper Powder Application] : It can be used for functional food and solid drinkBell pepper powder

 [Red Pepper Powder Suggest Dosage]: Solid beverage ( 5 %), drinks ( 5 %) and leisure food ( 3-5 %), medicine , food (5-20 %)

[Red Pepper Powder Storage]: Placed in a cool , dry , avoid light , avoid high temperature place .

Vegetable Concentrate Powder

Red pepper powder factory

Vegetable Concentrate Powder supplier

[Red Pepper Powder Packaging]: Negotiation or packed in double plastic bags inside, coat cardboard barrels, 

25kg / barrel .

[Red Pepper Powder Shelf  Life ]:24 Months.

Red pepper powder for sale

Please rest assured to wholesale the healthy non-gmo organic red bell pepper concentrate instant powder for sale online. We are known as one of the professional such manufacturers and suppliers. Offering good online service with competitive price, welcome to buy the quality bulk plant extract in stock from our factory.

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