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Pure Natural Honey Powder

Pure Natural Honey Powder

1. Product Name: Honey powder 2. Specification: 100% 3. Appearance: White powder 4. MOQ: 1kg 5. Sample: 10~20g

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Pure natural honey powder

Honey is a nutritious food. Fructose and glucose in honey are easily absorbed by the body. Honey has certain effects on certain chronic diseases. Taking honey has good auxiliary medical functions for heart disease, hypertension, lung diseases, eye diseases, liver diseases, dysentery, constipation, anemia, nervous system diseases, stomach and duodenal ulcer diseases. External use can also treat scalds, moisturize the skin and prevent frostbite.



1. Honey powder can improve the composition of blood and promote heart and brain and blood vessel function, so it is often beneficial for cardiovascular patients.
2. Honey powder has a maintenance effect on the liver, can promote liver cell regeneration, has a certain inhibitory effect on the formation of fatty liver.
3. The consumption of honey powder can quickly make up for fatigue, eliminate fatigue and increase resistance to diseases.

4. Honey powder also has a sterilizing effect. It often eats honey and has no effect on teeth. It also has the effect of sterilization in the mouth.
5. Honey powder can heal moderate skin damage, especially burns. When honey is used as a skin wound dressing, bacteria cannot grow.
6. Insomniars can speed up their sleep by taking 1 tablespoon of honey powder (adding 1 cup of warm water) orally before going to bed every day.
7. Honey powder can also be laxative (as long as it is a natural and experienced real honey has laxative effect)

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