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2017 Spring New Products Online-healthy Powdered Drink Mix

Xi'an Saiyang Bio-technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 06, 2017

With the increase of temperature, beverage powder’s demand is also increasing rapidly. Healthy Nutritional Beverage Powder is necessary products for this season. Our company specially launch the following new products.

fruit and vegetable powder

Fruit and Vegetable powder

       1. Spray Dried Powder(good water solubility)

Mango powder, Banana powder, papaya powder, Pineapple powder, Coconut Powder, Passiflora coerulea powder, Carrot powder, Pumpkin powder

        2. Freeze Dried Powder(Retaining a large number of pulp fibers)

Mango powder, Banana powder, Strawberry powder, Strawberry powder, Pineapple powder, Blueberry powder, Raspberry powder

        3. Concentrate powder(100% water soluble)

Red beet powder, Bitter melon powder, Yam powder, Almond powder, Red bean powder, Black bean powder, Goji powder, Hawthron powder

         4. Hot-air Dried powder (good water soluble)

Wheat grass powder, Barley grass powder, Taro Powder, Matcha powder, Celery powder

plant extract

Plant extract powder

Epimedium extract(icariin ), Saw palmetto extract(fatty acid),Maca powder,  Kacip fatimah/Labisia pumila extract,Vine tea extract(dihydromyricetin), Black rice extract(anthocyanidin),  Polygonum cuspidatum extract(knotweed resveratrol), Green tea extract(tea polyphenols), Cordyceps sinensis extract(polysaccharide), Rhodiola rosea extract(salidroside and rosavin)

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