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Turmeric Powder And Matcha Powder, Tea Drinks Market New Hot Sale Products

Xi'an Saiyang Bio-technology Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 05, 2017

Consumer surveys show that there is a high demand for ginger powder and green tea drinks powder. 


More than 1000 scientific literature pointed out that turmeric has varieties of health benefits, such as improving heart health, liver health, blood circulation, pain and inflammation. Turmeric powder has been widely used in many products, such as beverages, smoothies and snacks. 

The health effects of turmeric have been confirmed by numbers of studies, but consumers which use some of the turmeric powder did not get good health effect. In fact, some of the turmeric powder use substandard raw materials , so manufacturers must ensure that the quality of raw materials used. Saiyang company uses raw materials from nature no any additive and scientific test data support.  


In recent years, green tea has began to be popular in the market, especially in tea drinks market. Compared with most of the green tea powder, our company launched the green tea drinks can provide a unique health attributes, but also both convenience. For example, it is more convenient to use and polyphenols active substances are still high.

Matcha also can mix with other raw material powder, for example: turmeric powder, licorice powder, mint powder