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Hot Sale Plant Supplement Natural Green Tea Polyphenol

Hot Sale Plant Supplement Natural Green Tea Polyphenol

1.Product Name:green tea extract bulk tea polyphenol powder 2.Specification:50%, 95% 3.Active Ingredient:tea polyphenol powder

Product Details

Organic green tea extract bulk tea polyphenol powder

tea polyphenol.JPG


[Product Name]:Green tea extract polyphenol

[Sample]: 10-15g

[Product  Part]:leaf[Active Ingredient]:tea polyphenol

[Dosage form]:powder

[Solubility]:100%[Appearance]:yellow brown 

[CAS NO.]:84650-60-2


tea polyphenol

tea polyphenol.JPG



1. Tea polyphenols can strongly eliminate harmful free radicals, block the process of lipid peroxidation, and increase the activity of enzymes in the human body, thereby playing a role in anti-mutation and anti-cancer effects.

2. Tea polyphenols can inhibit the production of lipid peroxides, can eliminate vasospasm, maintain the elasticity of blood vessel walls, increase the effective diameter of blood vessels, and lower blood pressure through vasodilation, thereby effectively preventing stroke

3. Tea polyphenols can by increasing the total amount of human immunoglobulin to improve the overall immunity of humans and maintaining it at a high level, stimulating changes in antibody activity.

4. Tea polyphenols stimulate gastrointestinal reactions and accelerate colonic peristalsis to achieve constipation

5. Tea polyphenols have the effect of scavenging free radicals, inhibiting lipoxygenase and lipid peroxidation in skin mitochondria, and thus have anti-aging effects



Pharmaceutical health care products , health supplements , infant food , solidbeverage , dairy products , instant food , snack food , spice , middle-aged and old food ,baking food , snack food , cold food cold drinks , etc 

tea polyphenol
tea polyphenol.png 

 tea polyphenol.png

 tea polyphenol.jpg 

tea polyphenol.jpg

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